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Get Startup Facts, Fast

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Your head may be swirling with questions about your startup (What should I name my business? Should I hire an employee to help me out? How can I get a business loan given my credit history?). But what about issues affecting the startup landscape as a whole, such as: How does the startup rate affect… Read the full article.

Share Your Small Business Success Story with America

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Entrepreneurs and small businesses make a powerful impact every day across the U.S. Whether it’s in its community, in the economy, with philanthropy, or through innovation, it’s clear that “small business is anything but ‘small,’” as the Huffington Post notes.

Age is Nothing But a Number for Older Entrepreneurs

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What type of person comes to mind when you think of an entrepreneur? Bill Gates in a garage in California, a rebellious Steve Jobs in the 1970s, or Mark Zuckerberg starting the company whose website you may very well have open right now? While it’s very easy to equate entrepreneurship with a certain energetic youth,… Read the full article.

How to (Literally) Rock at Entrepreneurship

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What can a makeup-clad rock legend who has worn taller shoes than most women in my office teach us about entrepreneurship? According to Gene Marks, a small-business management author and New York Times, Forbes, and Huffington Post contributor, a great deal.

Consider the Power of the Crowd to Fund Business Ventures

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Entrepreneurs looking for start-up funding who don’t want to go the traditional route of getting a bank loan often turn toward people they know for help. Sites such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Microventures expand on this idea, and allow small business hopefuls to use crowdfunding as a way to seek business capital beyond the help… Read the full article.