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BuildMyBiz Podcast Series

The BuildMyBiz Podcast SeriesListen and learn as experts speak on business planning, mobile technology, employee management, regulatory compliance, benefit plans, and other topics of importance to entrepreneurs.

Podcast: Mobile Payments

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Paychex Product Marketing Manager David Durick discusses how accepting payments with smartphones can offer small businesses specific advantages and savings.

Podcast: The Rise of Mobile Technology for Small Businesses

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Jeremy Durham, Paychex Program Manager for the company’s mobile application development, discusses the growing use of mobile technology among small businesses to conduct everyday business functions such as payroll and employee benefits management.

Podcast: Small Business 401(k) and Retirement Planning

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Paychex retirement services product manager Ken Burtnick discusses several options available to small business owners to help their employees save for retirement.

Podcast: Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

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Paychex Senior HR Generalist Cathleen Pearl discusses the value of engaging and communicating with employees, particularly at small businesses where resources can be limited.

Podcast: What Small Business Communications Can Learn From Big Business Tactics

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Brad Rye, Director of Public Relations at Eric Mower and Associates, examines traditional and emerging communication tactics used in larger companies that can translate into viable ways for small businesses to get the word out about themselves.