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Small Business Funding Resource: Microloans

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If you’ve been looking for funding for your small business but think you’ve exhausted all of your options, consider a microloan. Small, short-term loans through the SBA Microloan Program make funds available to designated intermediary lenders with experience in lending and technical assistance. These lenders can then loan funds up to $50,000 to eligible borrowers…. Read the full article.

Shedding Light on 401(k) Fee Disclosure

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Employers offering a 401(k) and their plan participants may see a shift in the retirement marketplace once the deadlines take effect for the U.S. DOL Fee Disclosure Rules. Client Fee Disclosure Rules require covered service providers to disclose all fees associated with qualified retirement plans to employers, who can then make more informed decisions about… Read the full article.

Sunday’s Spotlight on Small Businesses and Startups

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If you’re tuning into the big game on Sunday, you may plan to put your small-business mindsets on the back burner for a few hours. But not so fast. According to Inc. Wire, a commercial from The Kauffman Foundation will be airing during the football game in select cities to reach out to entrepreneurs and… Read the full article.

Cost-Effective Small Business Printing

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While many small businesses today use websites, email, and other digital means to promote themselves, there’s still a need for printed materials that can effectively help you drive sales and communicate with customers.

Manage Your Business Credit Toward Success

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The Wall Street Journal reported this weekend that small business credit cards have returned with a flourish, with new credit card offers and generous rewards programs popping up frequently over the past year. But with nearly 42% of small business owners carrying a credit card balance, it raises the issue of how entrepreneurs and business… Read the full article.